5 Essential Plugins For Every Website

Getting into WordPress is exciting; never before has a content system existed that allows the everyday person to build a beautiful, intuitive website from scratch. That being said, it can be all too easy to become caught up in the fancy, aesthetic plugins prior to hitting the basics your site will need for prolonged success.

We see our clients go this route frequently, so we’re here to help.

Here are the five essential plugins your site needs, before you get to that Facebook share button.

1. Akismet

Being on WordPress means opening your doors to an influx of spam. An anti-spam plugin is essential; Akismet is most common. Conveniently, it’s pre-bundled with WordPress. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with it and to utilize it as much as possible.

2. All-In-One WP Security

WordPress is generally robust, but it does have quite a few security breaches, especially for less technical site owners. The most common security breaches are XML Quadratic Blowup, Brute Force or DDOS so you need a security plugin that can apply file/folder-level security.

3. VaultPress

Just to take that extra step to safeguard your content, you need a little something extra. When you have a giant application, you should have a file/db backup plugin for your application. For these backups, you can use VaultPress; Backup Buddy for cloud backups. Both are equally good but do come with a fee. You can also develop your own plugin for cloud backup, which is typically seamless and doesn’t take too long.

4. WP Fastest Cache

WordPress serves most businesses in terms of marketing, eCommerce, CRM and info portals. It also has an optimal database structure for speed. But when you’ve tacked on hundreds of plugins, thousands of posts and millions hits, it’ll very likely be dragging its feet on a few pages. WP Fastest Cache is a good caching plugin which will help to speed your site up.

5. All-In-One SEO Pack

When everything else has been done, you should definitely add an SEO plugin, inviting more crawlers to your site. The ‘All-In-One SEO Pack’ will do the job.

Quick note: There are many plugins specified for businesses, but the above-mentioned are the basic plugins that every site should have. We also build and customize plugins here at Quantum, and would be happy to help should you choose to take that route.

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