Adding Custom Shortcode in Unyson Framework

Unyson is a drag and drop framework for creating complex WordPress themes with speed and ease. It accompanies a group of built-in extensions such as Drag & Drop Builder, Shortcodes, Sidebars, Styling, Slider, Backup, etc. In this article, you will learn to create custom shortcode in Unyson framework.

For this, you need to create a directory structure in your Theme using the shortcodes extension folder, i.e.


Now open config.php file (containing shortcode configuration) located inside the root directory of shortcodes. Add the following code in it:

The shortcode directory contains an option.php file. Next step is to add your custom shortcode options for back-end using the following code:

The default shortcode view file is located in {your-shortcodes}/views/view.php. It will render the HTML view at front-end. $atts, $content and $tag variables will be passed to view file using the following code:

When the shortcode is rendered, static.php file is then used to enqueue static files using the following code:

The shortcode static files include CSS, JS, and images located in static folder as:

  1. {your-shortcodes}/static/css
  2. {your-shortcodes}/static/js
  3. {your-shortcodes}/static/images

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