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WordPress has just come up with a cutting edge Mobile Application to connect your or self-hosted WordPress site and administer your dashboard using Android or iOS App.

For the first time, it’s little tricky to add your self-hosted site into WordPress App. However, it’s pretty simple to get your hosted website connected.

For self-hosted applications, you need to make sure a few security configurations before connecting it to the application. Most common issue faced by users while configuring the app is because of the security settings of your WordPress site.

WordPress App communicates with your WordPress site by using API file xmlrpc.php. This file is the API endpoint for WordPress App. It should be allowed to access this file by configuring mod_security correctly. One solution to this problem is adding the following code into your .htaccess file:

Please note that the above code will work only if your host have configured ‘AllowOverride‘ to allow you override the SecFilterInheritance settings.

In case if the code does not work, request your host to allow you override the settings, so that .htaccess code allows the WordPress App to communicate with your self hosted site through xmlrpc.php endpoint.

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