Backup Files Of WordPress Database Occupy A Lot Of Storage Space?

Storing regular backup files of your WordPress database is extremely important but most of the time, people don’t adhere to it. It is probably best to keep three or four copies of your database backup file. In case your primary backup file is corrupted, then you can utilize your already saved backup file instead of corrupted file.

Sometimes, the backup files of WordPress database are way too large and occupy a lot of storage space. A large database backup file is caused because certain plugins store a significant amount of data. Most importantly those plugins which block spam or which collect statistics on your blog generates a large amount of data. That data isn’t really necessary to store in your database backup file.

If you are using a common backup tool, you should be able to select specific tables to include in database backup file. You can include only those tables that are important to your blog’s data; leave out rest of the tables that generate interesting data but do not contain any core information for your blog.

Image files can add a large amount of storage space in database file too. If you have image files in your Media and you are no longer using them in your blog, that are being backed up with your database, delete those old image files.

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