Contact Form 7 – Redirect Users to a Thank You Page

Contact Form 7 is a free WordPress plugin usually used to build custom contact forms. Administrators (or developers) can simply build a desired contact form from the admin options of CF7 and this will generate a shortcode for them. That particular shortcode can be used anywhere to display the related contact form.

Visitors fill-in the contact form fields and click on “Submit“. It’ll then send an email to receiver’s email ID and show a message of successful submission at front-end. Now, you may want to redirect the user to a different page (lets say a Thank You page) after successful submission of form. This can be easily done by adding the following line of code in the “Additional Settings” of that specific contact form:

Just add this line (make sure you change the URL) and save the form. Now on every successful submission, this form will redirect the user to that provided URL.

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