Create Headless WordPress Sites with Faust. Js

Is Headless WordPress the future? Is headless WordPress good? Should you use WordPress as a headless CMS? Is Headless WordPress more secure? These are your concerns relating to the future of Headless WP.

By headless WordPress, you gain ultimate liberation and versatility. Your security concerns are covered, seamless integration is given, and a content management system is provided that ensures your content is worthy of the future. What else do you require?

This guide will cover everything that comes under headless WordPress, what’s the need for it, and how Faust.js makes it invaluable.

Stay tuned, for we have a lot to discuss!

Headless WordPress

So, What’s With The Headless?

A headless content management system uses a decoupled architecture that works as a backend service and is accessed through API or SDK. Commonly, a CMS handles both the front-end and back-end functionalities for editing purposes. But, a headless CMS provides you editing capacity only. The front-end is controlled by another solution.

If both the front-end and the back-end are separated from each other, their management becomedaus easier. Content migration from one platform to another platform is made possible. For instance, using headless CMS, you can move your current content to another business website, or platforms such as Facebook, Google Calendar, etc.

What’s With The Headless

You may be thinking about how this relates to WordPress. The WordPress experts designed REST API; REST stands for representational state transfer and API stands for an application programming interface. It is a code chunk that makes it feasible for other systems to interface with WP and guarantees they grasp each other well.

Originally, WP was not meant to be used headless. But the recent shift and trend have led it along this way. You can still keep your WordPress site while enjoying all the technological advancements.

Keep in mind that any WP theme can be made headless with REST BITE API which gives the power to convert your WordPress site into a headless WordPress.

Benefits of Headless WordPress

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Greater Safety
  • Superior Flexibility
  • Getting Started

We have discussed in detail what headless WordPress is about. Let’s talk about creating headless WordPress sites with Faust.js.

Why Use Headless WordPress:

  1. Publishing content becomes significantly easier with headless WordPress. Especially when it comes to multi-channel content publishing like google calendar or social media, etc.
  2. In a headless WordPress architecture, the front end is not defined; this means that there is a free-flowing front end. Which enables developers to implement tools and set them up according to their expertise.
  3. If your current WordPress is not meeting Google’s speed standards, then a headless WordPress site can greatly enhance the loading speeds due to the separation of frontend and backend.
  4. Maintaining the site or the CMS becomes quite easier since the application is divided and looked after in 2 halves.

Become Headless With Faust.js

Faust.js is a front-end framework that is used to build headless WordPress websites. This framework is designed to give developers an enhanced development experience; here is what they get:

  1. Superior developer experience, scalability, best security, and improved performance
  2. Numerous frameworks to decide between: Next.js, Gatsby, Nuxt, and SvelteKit to name a few

Necessary Features When Building Headless WordPress with Faust.js

  1. Static Site Generation (SSG): to distribute your content globally
  2. Server-Side Rendering (SSR): can use this along with SSG to choose what’s best for your application
  3. Smooth Data Retrieval: fetch data easily just like traditional WP
  4. Publishing Experience: No compromise on publishing
  5. Developing Experience: Smooth development

What’s great about Faust.js is that it has a built-in mechanism for authentication that is attached to the backend of WordPress. This helps you in creating content that is more secure, eCommerce payment gateways integration, and any other authentication requests are entertained too.

Faust.js is in practice and its community is developing faster. It has:

  • 300+ stars
  • 19+ contributors on Github
  • Weekly 150+ downloads NPM
  • Many websites using Faust.js already
get started

The Road Ahead:

Do you want to know more about Faust.js?

Stay tuned because in our second series we will cover the following:

  • Faust features available today
  • Faust principles
  • How Faust should evolve

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