How Custom Post Types can Boost Up Your WordPress

The world of WordPress is immense and its popularity among website owners is increasing tremendously. However, if you look at some of the best WordPress websites out there, you might find one thing common in all of them. It’s the usage of custom post type in WordPress.

Custom post type in WordPress is a particularly exciting feature as it allows your website to be flexible in multiple ways. We know that there is some confusion regarding what exactly a custom post type is as it’s barely used by developers and most don’t know about it.

What is a Custom Post Type in WordPress?

In order to understand what a custom post type is it is important to know a little of the kinds of posts that are frequently used on WordPress. The most common post types include pages and posts (blog posts). These two post types are built-in post types and they follow a distinct structure. For example, a blog post contains a featured image, title, and content structure.

On the other hand, custom post types in WordPress are post types that aren’t predefined like a blog post. In essence, they are a post type that can be customized and are stored in the database. Don’t worry we’ll get into the details soon so that you can better visualize what a custom post type is. Here’s how custom post types can boost up your WordPress:

1) Content Display:

Custom post types allow you to display content in a customized manner. It can basically be anything you want. Maybe you want to display some content related to your products or movie tabs. It is a great way to display content in a custom manner which shows your post as content centered.

Prominence can be drawn in certain elements or wherever you basically want to display in your post. Do you see the difference between a blog post or even a page? You have the option to follow a custom set of display options that can totally change the look of your website.

2) Content Management:

Custom post type in WordPress allows better content management when it comes to the backend of a website. It allows writing and organization of content in a streamlined fashion. The ability to manage content for you can be a lifesaver as it saves time and the work process becomes efficient.

3) Hide Content from Default Queries:

Custom post type in WordPress, without any need for additional coding are not included in default queries. When custom post types are not included in a query, it leads towards better management of content and the way you want the content to be organized. The customization option itself allows you to register custom post types. This only increases the ability of custom post types as they become non-public and non-queryable

4) Website Security:

Custom post types totally eliminate the possibility of breach within website security protocols as it eliminates the usage of third party plugins. Of course, breach of privacy through third party plugins doesn’t really happen a lot but it can happen. Custom post types hence eliminate the usage of these plugins making your website even more secured.

5) Usability:

It can be a daunting process for a non-programmer user to maybe post a podcast or products when the time comes. Of course, these can be achieved without custom post types but the process is always different and tedious. With custom post types the entire process of posting such elements becomes predefined and easier for a non-technical user.

6) Efficiency:

Simply put, custom post types can increase productivity and efficiency on how you go about things. Being efficient in daily proceedings on your website will help your business in ways you can’t imagine.

In a Nutshell:

The five above uses you get with custom post types can not only increase your productivity and efficiency. Rather, it can totally change the way your website or a post looks like. It allows you to fully take control over whatever you want to accomplish with your website. Custom post type in WordPress offers amazing customization that you can play around with to get desired results and the possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for custom post types on your WordPress website then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Tigers! We can ramp up your website just the way you like it!

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