Developer Features provided by WordPress

For a developer, WordPress have heaps of treats stuffed in the engine exists that can be used to develop WordPress in whatever direction takes their extravagant. The accompanying is a rundown of a bit of the features that come as standard with WordPress. On the other hand, there are truly a huge number of plugins that extend what WordPress does so the genuine value is about boundless.

Developers are likewise allowed to do whatever they like with the WordPress code, develop it or adjust in any capacity or use it for business ventures with no authorizing charges. That is the magnificence of free programming, free alludes to cost as well as the flexibility to have complete control over it.

Plugin System

The WordPress APIs make it feasible for developers to develop plugins to augment WordPress. WordPress’ extensibility lies in thousands of hooks available at developer’s end. Once they’ve made a plugin, they can host it at plugin repository.

Theme System

Developers can create WordPress themes for customers, clients, and for WordPress clients. The WordPress API provides the flexibility to make themes as basic or as unpredictable as developer wish. On the off chance that developer need to give theme away with the expectation of complimentary then that can be offered to users via Theme Repository.

Custom Content Types

WordPress accompanies default content types. For more adaptability, developer can include a couple lines of code to create his/her own custom post types, taxonomies and meta data.

The Latest Libraries

WordPress accompanies the latest script libraries for the use of developers. These incorporate jQuery, Plupload, Underscore.js and Backbone.js.

Application Framework

If developer needs to develop an application, WordPress can help with that as well. WordPress gives a considerable measure of the features that the application will require like translations, user management, HTTP requests, Databases, URL routing, etc.

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