Difference Between Job Features & Application Form Fields

Using Simple Job Board it’s damn easy to build a job board and to publish your hiring needs on your website. But in fluency of steps, sometimes people bothers between two elements which seems like similar on ‘Add New Job Page’:


While using Simple Job Board, we need to understand the difference between Job Features and Application Form Fields.

Pardon us if we sound like a kid to development community but this article is more for website owners or new comers to this paradigm.

Job Features:

It is something which defines criteria for a particular job which you want to publish on your Job Board like what should be the Qualification of a resource, Age limit, offering salary etc. It is a set of information which you want to let the candidates know that they should meet these requirements before applying for a position.

While using it, you will create a feature with a title and provide a data against title like Qualification in Title and Graduation in Data.

Application Form Fields:

These are mainly the requirements for a job like you will like to ask the First and Last name of resource or his/her desired salary. All that information which you want to get from a candidate can be managed through Application Form Fields rather than resume because Attach Resume option is there by default.

Here you will create a field with title like First Name and then you have to select it’s type. Available types are:

  1. Text field
  2. Text area
  3. Date
  4. Check Box
  5. Drop Down
  6. Radio.

You have the liberty to get date in a proper format as well as get long paragraphs using text area etc. Once you will add features and user fields in job ad, it will be exposed like the screenshot below:


In our next article, we will provide you more details on how to use Check Box, Drop Down and Radio buttons.

User Comments

12 thoughts on “Difference Between Job Features & Application Form Fields

    poshka says:

    can i make features as filtering criteria

      Support says:


      You cannot make features as filtering criteria.In the current simple job board version 2.0, filtering criteria is available only for job category, job type and job location.

      Thank you for your query.


    i want to know if this plugin allow to add an extra upload field for Cover Letter Attach or if i have to program this funcionality!.

      Support says:


      Currently, Simple Job Board plugin allows only one upload field i.e., for the applicant resume. You have to write the customize code for Cover Letter attachment.

      Thank you. Let us know if you need any further assistance.


    Santosh says:

    I used this awesome plugin just to be disappointed. When I see list of jobs and click on any of them its throwing 404 error page. Please help.

      Dear Santosh,

      It seems like permalink issue. Please reset.

      For reset, go to

      1. Setting > Permalinks
      2. [NOTE: Be remembered your selected option]
      3. Select default option, hit save.
      4. Select your previously selected option, hit save again.

      Check If the detail page is working & if not do let us know.


      Yours truly,
      Sehrish Iftikhar
      Level lll Support

    Desmond says:

    This plugin is not complete without frontend submission

      Hello Desmond,

      Currently, we are not providing this feature in our plugin. Hopefully, we will launch an add-on in near future regarding front-end job submission.

      You can also visit our marketplace where we showcase different add-ons regarding Job Board.

      Thanks for reaching us out. Let us know if you need our further assistance.


      Abdullah | WP Plugin Developer

    Desmond says:

    There should be a feature in which employers can register and post jobs themselves on a user s site

    Dorian Lord says:

    What does “expose in applicant listing” mean? I couldn’t find an answer in your website. Thank you for this wonderful job board. I love the blog concept.

      Hello Dorian,

      Expose in applicant listing field will be displayed as a column on the applicant listing page in the dashboard.

      PressTigers Support Team

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