Disabling Video Play/Pause Button in Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider helps users to make attractive sliders by including multiple layout options. This plugin can be seen in many ThemeForest’s most popular packages. However, if you are developing a Theme of your own, from scratch, you’ll need to buy the plugin separately from ThemeForest.

This plugin will allow you to add different layers and a variety of elements, such as HTML5 Videos, to your theme. If you want to show videos on your slider then this section will show a Play/Pause button when a user hovers over it. In this article, we’ll address how to remove this button using CSS.

Now once you’ve dropped an HTML5 video element into your slider that is showing a Play/Pause button and you don’t want it to be visible to your visitors, you can remove it by adding the following CSS to your style sheet:

Save the style sheet and refresh your page. In case you want to prevent the video from being clicked, use the following CSS:

Save your style sheet and refresh again. The button should be invisible to visitors.

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1 thought on “Disabling Video Play/Pause Button in Revolution Slider

    Ilya says:

    Hi, unfortunately this solution did not help me
    in the first case, the button disappears, but the ability to pause has not disappeared. In the second case, there is a button and you can still press pause, it just disappears when you hover over it, but I can click on the video area and there will be a pause.

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