Everything You Need To Know About The Top Web Platforms

Been wondering which CMS to use lately? Look no further. We’ve scoured the web for the top web platforms and outlined them for you below.

From artists’ portfolios to eCommerce sites, a platform on this list will fulfill your needs.


Our personal favorite on the list, WordPress not only receives top marks for versatility but its massive user base has allowed for the creation of a community itself, there to help out when you need it most.

Though the vast number of plugins and themes may seem daunting, more options are better than no options. Cost-wise, WordPress is one of the more flexible platforms, offering 3 GB of space before any form of payment is required.


Known for its user-pleasing drag and drop function as well as its simple, cleanly and streamlined design, this platform is quickly gaining traction in the content sphere.

Contrary to the way WordPress handles payment, Squarespace functions on a monthly membership basis that’s not too costly and is certainly accessible for the typical site owner.


If you haven’t heard of Cargo, you’re behind the times. The web’s newest up-and-coming art platform, membership is so tight that you typically need a referral in order to join the community. You can also apply, but your chances are much lower.

There’s both a free and a $66/month option which allows for 6 GB of storage.


Remember Weebly? We didn’t think so. But, it’s back with a vengeance and we’re pleased to take note.

The only platform on the list with an editing-friendly app, Weebly is great for eCommerce.

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