Facebook Login API Integration in your Website

Nowadays, a large number of websites provide a way of login with Facebook to its visitors. This post will explain you how to integrate Facebook Login API in your website in an easy way to connect and read Facebook home timeline with PHP. You need to follow the steps given below:

1- Create Application on Facebook:

Visit and click on “Create New App“.

2- Connection Established with Facebook:

Establish a connection with Facebook by running the following code:

3- Facebook Login Button:

Create Facebook Login button by using the following code:

4- Facebook Login Api:

Final step is to integrate the Facebook Login API in your website. For this, run the following code:


A large number of plugins are available on internet for integrating user login with Facebook. But the disadvantage is that every plugin have some extra features which might not be needed. It might also cause your website to slow down. This is just a simple and easy way to connect your website with Facebook Login API.

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