How Fast Can Your WordPress Site Truly Be?

One of the most common problems WP administrators experience is the struggle to speed up their site. This was no exception for a client whose pages were taking so much time to load that he was concerned it would legitimately affect his foreign events business. Slow load times and performance may have multiple culprits. We tackled them by:

  1. Removing extra filters – ‘addEventConditions’, ‘setupFields’ and ‘addStartDateToGroupBy’ filters were removed by using standard wp function remove_filter on loading events page. These filters were making event loading page query heavier
  2. Eradicating extra scripts – JavaScripts were eliminated by using wp_dequeue_script function because they were not required for events listing page
  3. Optimizing images – Placed a check to limit the size of the image that was uploaded for a particular event
  4. Removing recurrence from the “Event Calendar” plugin
  5. Reducing listing per page
  6. Adding “Captcha” to prevent spamming
  7. Deactivating unwanted plugins per page

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