How Our Patient-Relationship Management Weight Loss Plugin Is Helping Physicians

Obesity is a serious threat in America, and our modern world as a whole. It only follows, then, that we should utilize our modern technologies to tackle this threat head-on.

One project that is particularly relevant to this cause is our patient relationship management (PRM) application, crafted for a chain of U.S.-based weight loss clinics. As their existing system was in WordPress, we provided them a plugin that manages every aspect from lead generation to patient processes in the following sequence.

Each potential patient, or lead, is provided various weight loss programs to choose from. They’re then provided a map, or program with tracks or steps, to complete along the way to achieving their goals. With each step accomplished, there are communications between the patient and the clinic that could either be a trigger (automatic when a step is fulfilled), an automated function (appointment scheduling, etc.) or macros (manually executed by agents to cultivate a personal feeling and communications.)

Not only were we able to provide our client with the functions he needed within a plugin but our code was optimized for multiple uses, readable so that anyone maintaining development on it would have a clear, sustainable understanding (as we often wish other developers had done for us) and ensured that said code was well-organized, following the model view control design pattern.

This PRM application plugin was developed in OOPs and MVC architecture. It’s a beautiful, clean plugin that helps people and we’re happy to take on projects such as these on a frequent basis.

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