How The Most-Visited WordPress Sites Got Their Traffic

Yahoo! Ford. Wired. Forbes. The Wall Street Journal. Time. Harvard. BBC. IGN.

What do these entities have in common?

A strong WordPress presence, to start.

The interesting truth to the question this article’s headline poses is that these sites likely would have the high volume of traffic they have now, regardless of what platform they used to build a site – but they all chose WordPress.

Now, the argument could be made that any company with a high quality of content might reach the level of popularity that these websites have achieved, but this argument would be flawed. Most of the above companies/institutions had existing top-tier physical newspapers or magazines prior to switching to digital versions. It’s the fact that once the time came that producing and distributing a physical version lost its mojo they all flocked to the same platform (or later converted) that is the most telling.

Newer companies that have come to prominence more recently have also chosen WordPress; Mashable, People Magazine and TechCrunch, to name just three.

For most companies, WordPress holds the trifecta to business success: function, simplicity, solution.

So, how have the most-visited WordPress sites gotten their traffic?

The question may be better phrased, “How has WordPress gotten the most-visited sites?”

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