How to Add a Login/Logout Link to the Main Menu Without Using Plug-ins

The login functionality to a website is an essential part of any application. It is used by the administrator to manage the entire website or to allow visitors to perform different calls-to-action according to his/her set of permissions.

To enable visitors to follow through on calls-to-action by logging into the website, there must be a login link. According to the standard for friendly graphical user interfaces, the link must be placed in a prominent location like the Main Menu.

There are many ways to add the login/logout link in menus, either by coding or using plug-ins. Plug-ins, however, can sometimes be vulnerable to security threats. Thus, WordPress has provided a filter for the main menu to alter the final output.

To add a login/logout link at the end of the Main Menu, you can use wp_nav_menu_items filter. This filter required two parameters:

  • $items, contains the HTML of the menu list
  • $args, an object containing wp_nav_menu() arguments

To implement this functionality, you can add the following code in your functions.php file:

It will then display the login/logout link at the end of Main Menu (primary menu) for both anonymous users and for logged-in users.

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