How to Add Skype Button in WordPress

Skype has become one of the most powerful medium of communication in the workplace. If you are not aware of this already, even WordPress now provides a Skype share button to enhance hands-on productivity. You can add a Skype share button on your WordPress site using a plugin.

For this, you need to install and activate Skype Share Button plugin. After activation, go to Dashboard Settings and configure plugin options to enable Skype Share Button.

How to Add Skype Button in WordPress-1

Configuration Steps

  1. From Skype Share button options, you need to enable/disable share button
  2. Choose button style. You can set the size according to your requirement
  3. Choose the location of button according to your requirement
  4. You can manually set the language or you can select auto option to detect the language of your WordPress site
  5. Lastly, click on Save Changes to save the selected Settings

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