How To Create A Simple Job Using Simple Job Board

Creating a professional job board and posting your jobs for quality hiring using Simple Job Board is as easy as SMILE. How? It’s pretty simple by following the below mentioned steps but before moving on, you need to understand the difference between Job Features and Application Form Fields.


1- From left bar of your WordPress Dashboard, move your cursor to the Job Board. It will further drop down the menu and then you need to click on ‘Add New Job’.


2- Put Job Post ‘Title‘ and ‘Description‘ for the job and company.


3- Select your Job Category, Job Type and Job Location. You can select multiple options if required. You can also make parent-child options in these three features while defining it based on your needs.


4- Add some Job Features and Form Fields to your Job Post. These two things will really help you to filter out the best candidate.


5- Finally Submit your Job Post.

You can see the final published Job Post as displayed in below screenshot from which you can recruit quality staff for your organization.


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14 thoughts on “How To Create A Simple Job Using Simple Job Board

    Janus Rokkjær says:

    need front end publishing

      Hello Janus,

      Currently, front-end job posting add-on is not available on our marketplace. But you can customize the SJB according to your requirements by understanding its code structure.

      You can also avail our services for custom work which will cost $18/hour. If you are interested to buy our services then please contact us at

      Thanks for reaching us out. Let us know if you need our further assistance.


      Abdullah | WP Plugin Developer

    nadia says:

    Hi i have bought and download the Multi Attachment Field Add on, but it doesn’t appear on the application form could you please send me a Demo.
    Thank you

      Hello Nadia,

      Thank you for writing to us.

      After activating the Multiple Attachment Field Add-On you can create multiple file fields, by following the step given below.

      Goto Add New job page and navigate to the Application Form Fields section, in this section, you can select File from the type dropdown and add the field name and hit the save/publish button.

      For more information, please have a look at the Documentation section & Installation section of add-on page.


      Ahmed Sarfraz | WP Associate Plugin Developer

    D. Grant Engel says:


    What security features does this plugin have? I want to have a SSN field on the Application form.

      Abdul Wahab says:

      SJB has the following security features:
      1) Anti hotlinking,
      2) Direct access to candidate resume is restricted

      You will have to customize the SSN field on the Application form. We also provide customization at an hourly rate of $24. If you are interested do let us know and we can share an estimate with you.

      Best Regards

    Aamir Chandio says:

    How can I change the template of the single job post. Right now, it is taking the default post template, and I can’t change that. Please help

      Hi Aamir,

      You can either choose our default template or you can change the SJB layout to your theme layout by going through the setting > appearance > & choose the theme layout. However. if you’d still like to further customize the template then please review our “Configuration & Templating” section on our product page.


    Ramakrishna says:

    Users how can post the jobs for my website in thes plugin

      Hello Ramakrishna,

      Currently, Frontend Job Posting plugin is not available but you can customize your Job Board according to your needs.

      Please take help from a programmer. You can also contact us at for availing our services at a cost $24/hour.

      Thank you for writing to us. Let us know if we can assist you further.

      PressTigers Support Team

    Tyler Dee says:

    need front end publishing its now the year 2020 folks!!!

      Hello Tyler,

      We are down the road to built other product development. It will be released in 2020.

      Thank you for writing to us. Let us know if we can assist you further.

      PressTigers Support Team

    Nitesh says:

    Please add enable & disable ( resume upload) button in setting.

      Hello Nitesh,

      Please buy How to Apply add-on from our marketplace. It has more features along with enabling/disabling of resume.

      Thank you for writing to us. Let us know if we can assist you further.

      PressTigers Support Team

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