How to Customize Bootstrap for your Website

Bootstrap, a popular framework for front-end development, is used to minimize the work load involved in creating custom, responsive, grid based web applications. It contains a built-in 12 grid system, HTML elements and jQuery plug-ins. Millions of websites choose Bootstrap due to its flexible structure and extensive customizations. In this article, you will learn a simple way to customize Bootstrap for your website.

Assuming that you have already added Bootstrap CSS to your project, here are the steps to customize bootstrap:

  1. Add a CSS file along with Bootstrap CSS to the style folder in your project. Let’s name it as custom.css
  2. Include this custom.css file in your <head> section after Bootstrap CSS as follows:


Let us also assume the following visual example moving forward:

How to Customize Bootstrap for your Website-1

For modifying bootstrap or adding an extra styling, custom.css file is used. Let’s customize jumbotron – a bootstrap element to add/display key content of the web page and style it according to the requirement:

It will be displayed as follows:

How to Customize Bootstrap for your Website-2

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