How to Fix Blank Posts/Pages issue after WP site Migration

You may be faced with different types of problems while deploying your WordPress site, or while moving it from one server to another. If you have pre-existing data in your posts/pages, it will definitely have an output on your website with respect to the available data. You might want to change some type of data from your posts or pages and modify it using a WordPress back-end.

Imagine a scenario where you have all the information in your post or posts’ front-end but once you move your site, it just show you a vacant segment in your content zone’s back-end as shown below:


Title of your posts/pages or even excerpt content may appear blank. To fix this issue, you have to do some modifications in WordPress root directory file which is wp-config.php. Just change the constant values of “DB_CHARSET” and “DB_COLLATE” as defined below:

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