How to modify HOWDY text without a Plugin

HOWDY is a simple greeting originated from the sentence ‘how do you do?‘ (the most commonly used sentence). WordPress is using this greeting for their users since many years. It will be visible to them in their admin bar. Users mostly don’t want to see this “Howdy” text on their admin bar. They want to change it with another text of their type.

To modify ‘Howdy’ with the text you want, we are sharing an easy chunk of code. For instance, lets change this “Howdy” text with “Hi” text. You can change it accordingly. For better understanding, see the below screenshot:


Now add the following code in your Child Theme or in the functions.php file of your Theme located in its root directory:

Once you are done with it, you will be able to see the “Hi” text in your admin bar instead of “Howdy”. The following image is clearly displaying the changed text:


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