How to Remove a BuddyPress Profile Tab Item

For developing a social network on your WordPress website, BuddyPress is the best choice. Sometimes, you may need to change its Profile Tab Items. Several hooks are available to remove a tab from existing BuddyPress profile tabs.

For example if you want to remove messages tab, add the following code:

Similarly, if you want to remove activity then you will use bp_activity_setup_nav hook instead of bp_messages_setup_nav:

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2 thoughts on “How to Remove a BuddyPress Profile Tab Item

    Andrew Flynn says:

    much appreciated, for some reason all of the codes I find for this are dated and dont work for me…however…for some reason I can only use one of these functions at a time or it crashes my site. I’m not sure why it would.

      Hi Andrew,

      If you want both actions to be fired then please write the following code:

      function bp_remove_item_from_profile()


      Thank you for writing to us. Let us know if you need any further assistance.

      Thanks & Regards,

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