Obfuscate Email Address to avoid Spam

In order to prevent spams and stop robots from reading plain text “mailto” links, it is suggested to obfuscate your email ID. This will stop robots from bombarding your email address with a lot of spam.

For instance, you have an email id “” which you want to show on your web page so that user can simply click on it to compose an email for this specific ID. You can use the following anchor tag in your HTML for this:

It is perfect but a little problem here is that robots can read this as plain text mailto link and bombard your email ID with spams. In order to avoid this, you have to obfuscate your email ID. Instead of simple mailto anchor, you should use the obfuscated code in your HTML. It’ll appear as a normal mailto anchor tag at front-end. Following is the obfuscated code of the email ID:

You can use this link in your HTML and it will generate a normal mailto anchor tag for front-end. Robots won’t be able to spam this email ID anymore. A lot of links are provided online where you can obfuscate your email ID. We’ll suggest you to use for this purpose.

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