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Isn’t it too good if you find an online-shopping website where all the products are so good according to your choice you find the products which you are searching for ages, and suddenly you hit it on an ad while surfing on the internet and everything looked so cheap and you will get so excited to check out, but when you click on the website link it takes too much time to load the page. Will you wait for every page to be loaded?

Definitely NO, These signs on the screen will make you exhausted and you will end up by closing the tab. So, Performance Matters. The first interaction of the user to the website is Performance. Performance is very important, If the user experience of the site is good the user will continue to spend time on your site he will enjoy exploring your site features otherwise it will make them frustrated. So, after the development cycle tester should check the performance of the website. There are many tools available online to monitor the website page speed & page load time.

Below are the few tools by which you can analyze your site performance:

  • GTmatrix:
    GTmatrix is the easiest tool to use by which you can analyze the site load speed. You have to give the URL of the website and just click on the Analyze button.

You will get the results like this:

As you can see in the above screenshot. GTmatrix not only gives the time but also the other details like Page Speed, YSlow, Page Size and no. of requests.

  • Google PageInsights:
    PageInsight is a Google tool. Which gives you the details of your website in just one click. The most amazing feature of PageInsights is it will not only give you the detail of your page, in fact, but it also shows you the list that how you can improve your site performance.

It will show you the performance of your site on Desktop as well as Mobile devices. The result will be shown in Fast, average & slow indicators.

On the same page, PageInsight gives you suggestions that how you can improve your page.

You can see clearly that it tells you the way that how you can fix the problems.

  • Pingdom:
    Pingdom tool for performance testing is recommended by many experts in the testing field. It’s the fastest tool, you can run more than one run and can analyze the performance on different runs. It’s better than the other performance tools, especially for the WordPress website.

You can run the tests from a different region of the world. Isn’t it so good that you found the field from where you can choose the area from where your site related? Pingdom gives us that wonderful option when analyzing the site.

  • WordPress Inspector:
    This tool is for WordPress sites, It inspects your site with the reference of Speed, SEO, security & performance. It does not only give you the performance result, but it also shows you the flavors of details.

You just have to give the website URL & your Email address. And it will check your site on the desktop as well as mobile. The most amazing thing is, it not only shows you the result but also the description of the acceptable result.

One can share the results on social media by clicking on the “share your score” button.

Performance and functional testing are the two sides of the same coin to satisfy the related client and the Users. To achieve the client satisfaction always set your site with a good performance rate by helping with the above mention tools, other than these tools there are many free tools to check the traffic rate of your site and page size e.g: Load Impact, WebPageTest. But the best tool to check the performance is Pingdom in rating.

Written By: Hira Nasim

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