Is WordPress 5.6 compatible with PHP 8?

PHP’s latest version rolled out in 2020. Named as PHP 8, this version seems to have a great addition to the core web development these days. PHP 8 offers a variety of new features and significant performance improvements. Meanwhile, the PHP 8 compatibility with the likes of WordPress is one of the most inquired questions these days.

PHP 8 compatibility with WordPress 5.6

PHP 8 is highly optimized and offers much smoother operation with a greater speed. Furthermore, it is far superior to its predecessor in terms of error handling i.e. it makes debugging quite simple.

Nevertheless, the importance of WordPress in the world of web development is known to all. It is one of the most significant CMS for creating fascinating websites and blogs. The features of PHP 8 are appealing to every web developer and for this very reason web developers must be very eager to update. At the same point, some questions must be flashing through their minds at this point:

What is the PHP 8 compatibility status with WordPress? Will there be any bugs after updating? Will the transition to PHP 8 be smooth?

Before answering these questions, it is first essential to understand the essence of WordPress itself.

WordPress Core & Plugins

The very essence of WordPress is based on the dichotomy of the WordPress Core and WordPress Plugins. The WordPress Core refers to the core files of WordPress that allow you access to multiple features like Admin dashboard and others.

On the other hand, WordPress Plugins refers to all the customization features of WordPress. These customization features have been developed by third-party developers. This means that the customization features of WordPress do not entirely belong to its domain rather they fall under the domain of their developers.

PHP 8 compatibility with WordPress 5.6?

For WordPress to be fully compatible with PHP 8, both components of its aforementioned dichotomy must be compatible with PHP 8 i.e. both the WordPress Core and the WordPress Plug-ins must be compatible with PHP 8. This means that even if WordPress can run on PHP 8 then it does not guarantee full compatibility as long as the WordPress Plugins are not compatible with PHP 8 too.

Now coming toward the most awaited question of WordPress’s compatibility with PHP 8; web developers must be pleased to know that a newer version of WordPress called WordPress 5.6 has been developed to ensure its compatibility with PHP 8.

Though WordPress 5.6 is compatible with PHP 8, still there is a catch.

PHP 8 compatibility with WordPress 5.6 – The Catch

The PHP 8 compatibility with WordPress 5.6 has been termed Beta compatibility. This means that measures are being taken to make WordPress fully compatible with PHP 8. Various tests are being conducted under real-time conditions to check its compatibility and analyze all the necessary aspects.

All the developers of WordPress Plugins have been working to make the customization features fully compatible with PHP 8 to ensure a smooth transition to PHP 8. This means WordPress will sooner or later fully ensure it is compatible with PHP 8.

Final Say

It is strongly advised to fully test your website if you want to upgrade to PHP 8. You must either make a copy of your website or develop a separate website for testing PHP 8 compatibility with WordPress 5.6. This will ensure you whether you should upgrade to PHP 8 at this point or not.

Furthermore, the older version of PHP i.e. PHP 7.4 will receive active support until the end of 2021.

WordPress 5.6

In addition to this, it will continue to receive security updates till 2022. Hence, you don’t need to upgrade it to PHP 8 until WordPress 5.6 is made fully compatible with it. Still, if you’re looking out for a balanced option, hiring a WordPress expert can be your ultimate solution.

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