Prevent from SQL injections in WordPress

Web developers must know about SQL injections and how they can protect their queries from them. Using a SQL injection, a front-end user can write an executable SQL query in place of a variable/input field. For instance, a user can input an executable code instead of writing their name or email which can literally do anything in your database.

Writing a single SQL query in a bad format makes your whole database vulnerable for attacks. Here it is a crucial point that your queries should be protected and secure.

This is an example of a simple SQL query which a developer might use:

A user can use the following code as an SQL injection and destroy the major functionality of your site:

In order to make your queries secure, you need to add

> function in your code. It means that the inputted data will not run as a SQL executable query.

Following is an example of a secure query in WordPress:

We can also use multiple parameters by using the following format:

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    rivaansh says:

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      Abdul Wahab says:

      Hi Rivaansh,

      Thanks for liking our article.

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