Reasons to Avoid Free WordPress Site Creation

The appeal of a free WordPress site seems universal. It’s a common misconception that companies that provide free-hosting are the most hassle free and cost effective ways to set up your site free of cost. But there are many deadly traps and pot-holes that can sink your online business if you’re not aware of the facts. Here we’ll discuss some of the risks at hand when considering a free WordPress solution:

  • Improper URLs don’t look great e.g. as it will be troublesome for your clients to discover your business online vicinity
  • Website speed will be slow that puts an awful impact on your clients, likewise not useful for SEO. Your site will be down in Google Rankings
  • Free WP site will not allow you to create your own ads. On the behalf of your website content, they will earn money from advertisement
  • Companies can obstruct your site at whatever time without giving you any cause. Moreover they won’t give you the content and your essential information will be missed
  • Companies can end at whatever time. They can shut down servers and you will lose your site and content with domain name
  • Companies can sell your content, email address and personnel data to other companies without informing you
  • You may not get the permissions to install WordPress yourself. If they will give you WP installation permission, it will be very limited and you may not be able to run your website. You can face different errors like PHP, plugins, themes and WP versions conflicts
  • Your site security will be very poor. Hackers can easily hack your website and you won’t be able to recover it
  • Companies can steel your potential customers with complete data and emails
  • You will receive a lot of emails because companies can sell your emails to other companies for making money. This will disturb you and your business a lot more
  • There will be a lot of theme and responsiveness issues. Most of the companies design sites only for desktop and you will not able to access your site on Mobile
  • Free website will not allow you to send emails. Creating a contact form will be useless due to no facility of sending emails

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