Significance Of Simple Job Board 2.0 For Developer’s Community

Simple Job Board 2.0 WordPress plugin is a powerful, robust & easy to use plugin for job sites. It is not only user friendly, rather we have made it developer friendly considering scalability needs for developers and website owners.

We have developed this plugin not only considering your current needs but also future needs. Following significances of this plugin differentiate us from others:

1- We have used proper comments before each of the section so that one should know what’s happening in below function:


2- Function’s names are used with care because they should be self-explanatory for developers community to know that what will be the ripple effect after tweaking this function:


3- Proper nested structure has been implemented in coding to make sure understanding of nested calls and loops:


4- Whole files are separated in a proper file structure to make sure an MVC feel and separation of each module while customizing:



By having the above significances for developer’s community, it is way easy to plug and play further features within the modules. Our team of professionals developed it with best of their testing, Let us know about bugs and issues so that we can move towards fixings.

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