Simple Job Board and WPML Join Hands – Now Translate with Ease

Simple Job Board now offers WPML compatibility so that translation to any of your desired language becomes a fast and effective process. Implementation of a translation plugin like WPML can significantly improve your hiring rate as translatability into other languages for hiring makes the entire process easier and saves you a lot of time. Simple Job Board’s compatibility with WPML enables you to enjoy a seamless transition of hiring across different languages.

Simple Job Board along with WPML allows quick translation of your page through the following steps:

WPML Installation & Configuration:

After WPML installation go to the WPML section in the admin dashboard and select the current or base language of your website from the dropdown in the “Current Language” step and click “Next” button.

1. Select Translation Languages:

In the “Translation Language” step choose the languages you want to translate your website to and click “Next”. You can select multiple languages for different demographics on the same page.

2. Enable Fields Translation

After completing the setup wizard click on the “Settings” menu below WPML, In the Multilingual Content Setup tab go to “Custom Fields Translation” section. Enable translation for the fields for which you want to translate.

3. Globally Disable Fields from Translation

Please globally disable following fields from Translations. You can select options for which field you need to translate.

  1. Enable_job_apps
  2. Enable_job_feature

From the “Custom Term Meta Translation,” you can enable translation term metas e.g employment type.

4. Enable Translation for Job Posts

In order to translate Jobs and Job applications you need to enable translation for jobpost (Jobs) and jobpost_applicants (Applicants) post types from “Post Types Translation” section.

5. Enable Taxonomies Translation:

To translate Job taxonomies e.g Job Categories, Types and Location you need to make it translatable from “Taxonomies Translation”.

6) Job Translation:

When you have enabled translation from “Post Types Translation” section on the settings page you would be able to translate your Simple Job Board jobs.

7. Multilingual Content Setup

From the “Multilingual Content Setup” section of the Job Edit page you can make the job translatable and allow or deny translation for Job fields.


While translating a job application form, please just translate fields ending with the “label” “field-jobapp_name-0-label”.

But please don’t translate the fields that ends with “type”, “column”, “optional”, “applicant_column”

8) Job Translation using the Advanced Translation Editor:

After you have created/updated a Job and have allowed translation for the necessary fields, visit jobs listing page in the admin dashboard and click the “+” button below the language and against the Job which you want to translate.

You will be directed to Adance Translation Editor from where you can translate the necessary fields.

9) Static Strings Translation:

To translate the plugin static strings visit “Theme and plugins localization” from the WPML menu. Go to “Strings in the plugins” section, select Simple Job Board from the list and click “Scan selected plugins for strings”.

It will show the number of strings available in the plugin for translation, click on the number and it will take you to Simple Job Board strings.

From the String translation page you can easily translate the words and phrases from the plugin against the desired language.

10) Pages Translation

WPML offers you page translation of WordPress pages. For translation of pages enable translation for “Page” post type from “Post Types Translation”.

11) Translate a Page using the Advanced Translation Editor:

To translate the page click on the “+” against the page below the desired language and it will take you to the Advanced Translation Editor.

For a specific page, we can turn on the Advanced Translation Editor by clicking on the plus sign as indicated on the button.

Once entered in the advanced translation editor, you can translate languages from the base language to desired language.

12) Final Appearance:

Your Job Board after WPML is implemented will appear something like below image:

13) Conclusion:

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below!

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