Simple Job Board Version 2.0 Released

Simple Job Board is a WordPress Plugin that implements full featured job board on websites. It is a shortcode based plugin and now comes up with new amazing features for WordPress users. In version 2.0, we revised the front-end job listings, added job search, job type, job location and enhancement in shortcode attributes.


Now you can also control front-end functionality from WordPress settings. List of features enhanced in 2.0 are as follows:

  1. Revised Job listing Structure
  2. Job Filters
  3. Email Notifications
  4. Addition of Job Type
  5. Addition of Job Location
  6. Shortcode Attribute Enhancement
  7. Generic Job Feature
  8. Generic Job Application Form Field
  9. Job Search Bar
  10. Job Board Settings.

Now this Simple Job Board 2.0  plugin has come in handy for WordPress users. You can download this plugin with amazing features from here for creating a job board on your website.

User Comments

4 thoughts on “Simple Job Board Version 2.0 Released

    Valdecir Saraiva says:

    Good afternoon,
    I installed the Plugin Simple Board in wordpress, but the page that lists the work lists the articles and not the jobs registered. Can someone help me where is this search error? The job category, location, and job type options appear the correct options appear. In a normal template worked,

    Thank you very much in advance


      Hello Valdecir,

      You can check it by http(s)://yourwesite-url/jobs

      If this page is displaying jobs correctly then the plugin is working fine.

      And what you mean by “In a normal template worked,”. Please elaborate it a bit more and also share your website URL so that we can see what’s the actual issue.


      Sehrish | WP Plugin Developer

    Hira Ejaz says:

    Hello There,

    I have recently installed the plugin. Inserted the short code [jobpost] into the page text editor. After doing all the setting when I add a job it has made but not showing on the landing page of job listing.
    Please guide me.

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