WordPress User Front-end Plugin For Custom Job Posts

Setting a job advertising board in WordPress is no more tricky and there are heaps of solutions available in WordPress to have a job advertising board on your website. The Content Management Systems in a recent while have added quite a number of features to keep their user-friendliness standards evolving all the time. WordPress takes the lead in this regard as the most easy to comprehend and highly diversified but simple CMS in terms of providing high quality features to its users. Adding a job advertising board to a website is one of those most-wanted and highly welcomed features of WordPress CMS.

A job advertising board was required by one of our Client for his informational WP website, a portal for local communities based on their locations and interests. Custom post type was developed for jobs from where the site administrator can manage all the user submitted jobs. Admin has the rights to approve or disapprove a job. All approved jobs will list down at site front-end available for advertisement. WP-User Fronted, which is a WordPress plugin was used for front-end posting and it’s core features were customized according to the job portal.

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