Migration Of Blog Posts From Sub-Domain To Main WordPress Site

It can be a tedious task to shift the data from one website domain to another. It demands a focused appraoch in every possible way in order to make sure that all the minor and major details have been shifted effectively from the earlier domain to the new one. One important aspect that needs serious attention is the testing of all the data including the blog posts depending upon the type of content in them.

We had to migrate a huge number of blog posts from sub-domain to main website of our Client. There were more than hundred blog posts that had to be migrated to main website along with design and layout settings. We exported the posts at sub-domain and modified the import process to download images that were missing with normal import process. We also merged the styles to retain the layout of posts at sub-domain. Following were the steps for migration of blog posts:

  1. Exported data from blog at sub-domain
  2. Imported data into main website
  3. Tracked errors of image uploads and missing posts while import
  4. Fixed the missing data after tracking errors

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