Modified PayPal Payment Plugin For A Blogspot

Sometimes, a blogger’s website is treated like an event post. You need to create a custom PayPal payment plugin for your blog visitors so that they can make payments for a particular post.

One of our clients wanted us to create such a plugin for his blogspot. We created a custom WordPress plugin to show a PayPal payment button in the sidebar if the post being shown has a “Price” meta added.

Normally in WordPress, sidebars are standalone. Content in the sidebar comes from theme widgets. Side bar widget for PayPal button is dynamically linked to posts. The custom plugin includes the following features:

  • Accepts PayPal credentials
  • Optional PayPal Sandbox Mode
  • Completely process the payment with a thank you page and notify it to the payer and admin on payment completion via email notification
  • Saves complete information of the payer in the system which is accessible from WP-admin panel only

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