WordPress Directory Creation Custom Posts Export from CSV Files

An online software portal needed WordPress Directory and export of products data from CSV files. To fulfill the desired outcome, our PressTiger developed a plugin in which a text file containing directories name is uploaded. A script was written which created directories by getting the names from the uploaded text file. As a result, nested level directories were created dynamically.

To export custom posts (products data) from CSV files, a plugin was developed. This plugin extracted posts from the CSV file and inserted the data into custom post type. It contained the following:

  • Custom Post Meta
  • Featured Image
  • Taxonomy Terms.

Post Meta was added to the post. There was an image URL field in CSV File. For this, a functionality was developed that would download the image from the external URL and set featured image for the post. There would be “Category” and “Subcategory” fields. Multiple subcategories might exist there with a comma separator. If these categories does not exist, then they would be created dynamically and they would assign these taxonomy terms to the posts.

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