The 3 Most Common Problems All Freelance WordPress Developers Have

The world of the freelance WordPress developer is often best compared to the wild west; no particular rules, no one running the show, and a whole lot of people out there presenting themselves as resources that they’re not.

Within the WordPress community, it’s no news that there are three major problems that all freelancers struggle with. The problem with this struggle in explicit terms is that as their client, these problems indirectly affect you.

Take a look, and keep these in mind if you ever go the freelance route. If not, WPQuantum has a full-time team of elite WordPress developers that can help.

Everyone defines themselves as a “WordPress expert.” Everyone.

With the exception of time spent in the industry, i.e. “experience,” there’s really no certification or definition to delegate the status of “expert.” Unfortunately, that means whoever is able to get away with defining themselves as such, will attempt to do so. As a potential client, this is a very confusing market to maneuver.

Project selection.

Many basic WordPress projects can be on a small scale; manipulating a plugin with customization, for example, is an important but often run-of-the-mill, seamless task that’s not too time consuming and is thus not very expensive. That being said, in order to pay the bills many freelancers will take on multiple small-scale projects such as these, which can often lead to a degradation of overall project quality and timeliness.

Virtually no norm, or cap, on cost.

Multiple debates have occurred within the community as of late discussing how much a WordPress site should really cost, which CMS is truly best to specialize in, etc. The most important of these debates? The fact that WordPress developers will sometimes price themselves as much lower than those with other specializations, and no one really knows why. This has led to a bit of animosity, as well as a confusion that even the best of freelancers find difficult to work out: go cheaper, for the work load or go more expensive, because I’m worth it?

Until the WordPress market has calmed down, freelancing itself is challenging. WPQuantum provides cost-effective, efficient and quality development packages, sans freelance drama. Contact us now.

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