The Best Plugins For Small Businesses

Every small business is in the market to identify and distinguish themselves from that of competitors as best as possible. From advertising utilizing pay per click to old-fashioned (yet effective) billboards on busy highways to snazzy websites that demonstrate exactly how exciting that business is, theories on how to best thrive are not few and far between.

So, then, if you knew that a few simple WordPress plugins could make your small business more popular with a few simple clicks, why wouldn’t you capitalize on that ability?

Here are a few of our recommendations.


If you’ve been looking for a great way to create a lasting relationship with customers both real and potential, MailChimp’s plugin will be your best friend. Use it to build your subscriber list, locking down contact information and helping to build newsletters.


One of the strongest selling points a small business has is that it is not a big business. Given that, it’s important to give your customers a place to come to discuss any questions or concerns they may have been in such a fashion that is sustainable for your team. bbPress allows you to create custom bulletin boards. You’ll be surprised how often they’re utilized, and how much your customers will appreciate your consistent, quick response.

iThemes Security

WordPress has recently come out to announce their support of a single security plugin as compared to all the other options out there. iThemes Security is multi-faceted, providing 30 different safeguards across all conceivable weak points that will protect your site from spam and hackers.

Often times the simplest solutions are the smartest. Continue to research which plugins might be of most benefit to your small business based on its particular industry. Let us know how it goes, and remember that we are here if you’re in need of something a little more customized.

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