The Ultimate Guide To Discovering The Best WordPress Themes Across The Web

Themes, themes, themes.

Of the more than 30,000 available online, it’s no simple task to choose a single one to build your brand, business or name after.

We’ve written about the worst themes possible, the best themes we could find and how not to commission the custom of your nightmares. But how does one go about discovering the ultimate theme for them?

Read the reviews

Some themes have been around so long that there will quite literally be hundreds of anecdotes and/or ratings on them across the web, laid out prettily for your perusal.

If you really happen to love one theme over another but are seeing consistently poor reviews, don’t turn a blind eye and hope it’ll all turn out okay. Instead, turning a blind eye to the troublesome theme itself will save you time and perhaps even money down the line.

Do the research

Who’s behind the development of the theme you’re leaning toward? More importantly, is the design of that theme up-to-date, marketing-friendly and accessible? You may fall in love with a particular theme but your client base may not be drawn toward it at all.

Take a look at what other businesses within your industry are presenting to the public, and how they’re choosing to utilize their own theme.

Take the time to test

Choose three of your favorite themes and test each out for a week prior to going live with what will (hopefully) one day be your beloved brand; a lifeline. You’ll never regret the time you took to invest in the best possible future for your site.

Your theme may be the most important ingredient in the recipe for online success. Not finding what you’re looking for? We customize beautifully. Contact us for more help on the matter.

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