Using GigPress to Create Shows

GigPress is a WordPress plug-in specially created for listing and managing live performances of the artists and performers of all kinds. You can manage the performances from WordPress Dashboard and display them on your website using shortcodes or PHP tags.

At first, you need to install Gigpress plug-in. After the installation, a GigPress menu will appear in the left side-bar of your WP Dashboard. You can configure the Settings from Dashboard and add shows to your website.

To add a show, you have to provide the following information:

  • Date
  • Artist
  • Venue

Rest of the information is not required. For example:

  • Admittance
  • Price
  • Ticket URL
  • Ticket phone
  • External URL
  • Notes
  • Part of a tour
  • Related post
  • Related post title

Before adding shows, you have to add one or more artists. Go to WP Dashboard -> GigPress -> Artists and add the artists one by one as shown below:


After that, add the venues. Go to WP Dashboard -> GigPress -> Venues and add the venues one by one as shown below:


Once you have added a list of artists and venues, now you can add shows. For adding a show, go to WP Dashboard -> GigPress -> Add a show as shown below:


You can add as many shows as you want. To display shows at your website’s front-end, you need to add a gigpress shortcode i.e. [gigpress_shows] in your page’s content.

You are done! You have successfully added a list of shows using GigPress plug-in on your website.

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