What To Do When Your WordPress Theme Isn’t Converting

We’ve all had that moment: visits are up, but conversions are down. What gives?

When it comes to WordPress, the explanation and solution could both lie in any of the below possibilities. Take a look.

1. Is it 100 percent my theme that’s the problem, or could it be a different issue?

WordPress users are often quick to jump to questioning their theme when conversions are low. In reality, the problem could be a lack of graphic assets, a text-heavy page or poorly written copy. Try altering these aspects prior to adopting an entirely new theme. If there’s no change, consider a brand new one that doesn’t seem to be used by every businessman and his dog; after a while, it’s easy to pinpoint a theme if it’s used too often. A dime a dozen theme may end up cheapening your brand, if customers start making the connection.

2. Is my theme updated?

A good theme will be backed by a team that’s putting out consistent improvements, ensuring the theme doesn’t become antiquated or out of date. Even if you love your theme, if its developers are slacking or have set their sights on other projects, it doesn’t make sense to stick with it. A lack of semi-regular update will lead to problems with spam and functionality; both massive conversion killers.

3. When was the last time I checked within my business’s market for design standards?

What are your competitors doing with their sites? Whether they’re going fully dynamic, integrating flashy graphic after funny quote or headed in a more professional direction with a clean, streamlined layout, you have a decision to make: go with the crowd or stick out from the masses? Both carry their own pros and cons, but comparing your presentation to that of your competition could prove very useful.

4. Is it time for a customized theme?

If none of these sound like a potential problem you’re facing, it may simply be time to have the optimum custom theme built to your company’s needs and specifications; WPQuantum is here to help. Contact us.

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