What’s The Best SEO Plugin You Can Install?

There are too many SEO plugin options, and many of them aren’t worth your time. The same is true of many types of plugins claiming to have the ability to convert your site into a profitable business overnight simply by virtue of the number of page views it can achieve for you. This dilemma begs the question, “What truly is the best SEO plugin?” Let’s discuss your options and what they’re capable of providing for you.

Ewww Image Optimizer

Though not an outright SEO pack, Ewww (disregard the somewhat baffling name) will cut the amount of time it takes the images on your website to upload by a third. This is of vital importance; how many times have you left a website yourself while waiting for its general design to load because you weren’t willing to wait? Imagine you’d seen exactly how it was meant to look, rapidly. This plugin will help you keep leads on your site longer.

Sumo Me

We like Sumo Me because its features are slightly unique to most SEO plugins. It allows you to see exactly where on each site page a lead is scrolling, where they spend the most amount of time and therefore to where their attention is being attracted.

W3 Total Cache

Similar to Eww, W3 focuses on the minimization of site loading speeds in order to maintain the attention of potential clients. You’ll also show up more often in any Google search as site speed is always a factor.

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