Wordfence vs Sucuri – Which One to Choose?

Do you have your own WordPress website? Are you looking for a robust security plugin for it? If your answer is yes, then consider yourself lucky that you have landed on this page—we have all the answers!

Wordfence vs Sucuri are considered the best security plugins for WordPress in the market right now. Since both do an incredible job in securing your websites, it sometimes gets extremely difficult to choose any one of them.

Wordfence vs Sucuri have many similar features, but each has its pros and cons. To make the decision easier for you in choosing the suitable security plugin for your website, we will together compare Wordfence vs Sucuri in this talk.

So let’s find out!

Wordfence vs Sucuri

What to Look For in a Security Plugin?

Between Wordfence vs Sucuri, both are impressive WordPress plugins that provide protection against malware infections, brute force attacks, and data theft. You, being the website owner, need to choose an effective security plugin against these threats and apply the Plugin on your website.

An ideal choice would be to choose a plugin that requires very little maintenance so that you can solely focus on growing your business. Also, a security plugin should be easy to use and must not involve a tech expert to set it up.

For the sake of guidance, let’s compare WordPress vs Sucuri side by side by dividing them into categories:

  • Malware Scanner
  • Website Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Ease of Use
  • Security Monitoring and Notifications

Let’s find out how WordPress and Sucuri stack up!

Wordfence vs Sucuri What to Look For in a Security Plugin

Malware Scanner

Even though both the security plugins come with in-built security scanners to detect WordPress malware and malicious code, Wordfence WordPress plugin comes with a powerful, customizable scanner to meet your security needs.

Whereas, Sucuri employs Sitecheck API which checks your website against multiple safe-browsing APIs. It also monitors your WordPress core files to see if they are modified.

Malware Scanner

Website Application Firewall (WAF)

WAF is responsible for blocking common security threats. Comparing Wordfence vs Sucuri, Wordfence WordPress plugin provides a WAF that stops malicious web traffic.

It has an application-based server which is slower than a cloud-based server.

  • Wordfence plugin has to load first in order to block the threat, which makes it a little bit inefficient, so it can only stop traffic that has already reached your hosting server.
  • When it comes to Sucuri plugin, it offers a cloud-based firewall, which blocks suspicious traffic even before it reaches your hosting server, which also improves your website speed.
Website Application Firewall

Ease of Use

Wordfence WordPress plugin is easy to use and can easily be installed.

  • Wordfence gives security notifications on your email address. Its firewall will automatically run a scan in the background and will recommend actions after it.
  • On the other hand, Sucuri offers a cleaner user interface than Wordfence WordPress plugin. It will also run a quick scan upon installation. Also, no technical maintenance is required on your end for Sucuri. Sucuri also performs recommended security settings on your website.
Ease of Use

Security Monitoring and Notifications

For better website security, you need to make sure that your WordPress site can send emails. The ideal way to ensure that is by using an SMTP service to send emails.

  • The notification system of Wordfence WordPress plugin is quite impressive. Notifications and alerts are highlighted next to the Wordfence menu and the dashboard.
  • Sucuri also displays critical messages on your dashboard. Its website firewall will also send automated high-level alerts to your email.
Security Monitoring and Notifications

Conclusion—which one is better?

Even though both the security plugins are excellent but overall, Sucuri can be considered a better option. It provides a cloud-based WAF which improves your website’s speed while blocking brute force attacks and malicious traffic.

Wordfence WordPress plugin is a good free option if you don’t mind using a server-side scanner and firewall with less speed.

So which one would you choose between Wordfence vs Sucuri? If you’re unsure, you can always approach a dedicated team of WordPress developers at PressTigers.

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