WordPress 4.5 – Insights about New Features

WordPress 4.5 is currently in development. Its beta version was released earlier this month. It is expected that the stable version will be ready by the mid of April. In this article we’ll explore some exciting features of the upcoming WP 4.5.

You Will Be Able to Add a Theme Logo from the Customizer

WP 4.5 will add this feature into WordPress core. There are a lot of themes that already give this facility from their option pages. After core support is added to this feature every user will be able to change the theme logo. Users can add Theme support for an uploaded logo by giving width/height values like those shown below:

Site Responsiveness in Customizer

WordPress 4.5 is bringing yet another exciting feature in the customizer; site responsive view. Users can test a site on desktop, tablet and mobile device layouts after clicking on device icons in the bottom. This will be an extremely useful feature as you can look assess your site based on the different devices’ view in customizer.


Advancement in wp-admin text editor

WordPress 4.5 is also inclusive of new shortcuts. These shortcuts will save a lot of time allowing the user to type faster. For example if you enter CTRL+K it will automatically show the inline insert link menu. You can also search for pages and posts names with the use of an auto-complete list. After clicking on the page name or post name a link will be inserted automatically.


Users can Login by Using Their Email Address

In WordPress 4.5 users will be able to login with their email address. In previous versions users were not able to login with email by default. The most popular websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. all allow the convenience to login from emails. It’s quite common for users to forget usernames and logins so this will be good feature in this regard.


Enhanced Features for Developers

WP_Site class is coming for WordPress multisite. Before this WordPress was using global $current_blog that has a stdClass and no methods to attach it. The $current_blog will be an instance of WP_Site with better definition. You can also easily add inline scripts from the wp_add_inline_script() function – it allows you to add inline scripts in the header or footer.

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