WordPress REST API Web Service

Web service is a piece of organized code that can be pinged remotely using HTTP (It can be activated using HTTP requests). It allows you to expose the functionality of your current code over the network. Once it is exposed on the network, other web systems can use the features of your code.

Similarly, WordPress also provides a complete REST API which lets an external system to ping it and fetch the required data of a WordPress website according to the given parameters. You can retrieve almost all kinds of data and information from a WordPress site using this API in simple JSON format. It’s endpoint format will be something like:

Here 82974409 will be the endpoint’s site ID or domain. This example will return all the website users.

There are many more endpoints available in the documentation of it’s API including:

  • Users
  • Sites
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Taxonomy
  • Follow
  • Freshly Pressed
  • Notifications
  • Insights
  • Reader
  • Media
  • Menus
  • Videos

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