WordPress Speed Optimization Services: Tips, Key Services & Plugins

Are you planning to speed up your WordPress website? Is WordPress speed optimization your concern? Are you finding a reliable way to gain more traffic, followers, subscribers, and revenue from your website? Make your WordPress website FASTER if you want to achieve this.

WordPress speed optimization is an adequate solution that makes things convenient for you. There are a variety of WordPress speed optimization services available that can assist you with maintaining the speed and performance of your WordPress website. But, where to get the best service from?

WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress speed optimization can resolve the following problems:

  • Fix core web issues
  • Score higher in Google Page speed insights
  • Troubleshoot slow backend issues
  • Optimize woocommerce checkout speed through plugin

Agencies that Provide WordPress Speed Optimization Services

You are going to know about the three best WordPress speed optimization service providers that can well-improve your site’s functionality and performance.

Let’s get to know them!


Are you facing WordPress speed optimization problems? Do you want to maintain your sites’ speed? FixRunner is a professional platform that optimizes your website for SEO and allows it to rank and run faster. If you have ever struggled with a slow website, you can well understand the value of speed. Thus, try not to compromise on it.

It provides the following key features:

  • eCommerce optimization
  • CDN support
  • Image optimization
  • Inspection of plugins
  • Database optimization
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Browser caching
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS minifying


If you plan to make your WordPress website sharp and efficient, try Fixmysite for speed optimization. You can fix your website with their on-demand website support that starts from $39. It leverages your browser coaching and resolves CSS/HTML/JavaScript and lazy load images.

It provides the following key features:

  • Compressing images
  • CSS, JavaScript and HTML minifying
  • WordPress migration service
  • Refund policy
  • Slow loading image
  • Database optimization


Are you having difficulty in theme design, print media, slow speed, and custom coding of your WordPress website? PressTigers is a professional platform that creates the most optimized WordPress templates and plugins to maintain your website’s speed and user-friendliness.

Our developers eradicate the hindering speed problem of your WordPress website with the best in-house plugins and themes. If you are concerned about achieving robust speed for your WordPress website, consult with our professionals right away.

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PressTigers provides diverse services like themes and templates, designs mobile apps, and deals with eCommerce, plugin installation, website maintenance, etc. Our professional WordPress developers manage to select the best fonts, perform image optimization, and opt for the best WordPress plugins for your website, etc.
We at PressTigers consult you to properly understand your website and optimize it according to your standards.

What Slows Down Your WordPress Websites?

Are you looking for WordPress speed optimization services? Fast page load, great user experience, more page views, is this all you want?

You only get 2 minutes to convince your readers to stay on your website. Ensure to utilize that time artfully!

Before you fix your website’s load time, get to know what really makes them slow.

Following are the few main causes that slow down your WordPress website:

1- Web Hosting

Improper configuration and poor web hosting are what cause websites to load slowly. Thus try not to rely on poor hosting plans.

2- Page Size

Many images are not properly optimized for the web and later cause slow-loading problems. Ensure to optimize them by using an ideal format, size, and resolution to raise user engagement.

3- Non-optimized Images

Non-optimized images are another culprit for slowing down your WordPress websites. Still, WordPress manages to have tons of plugins to embed the image with an appropriate dimension and aspect ratio.

4- WordPress configuration

It is essential to serve the cached pages of your WordPress website; otherwise, it burdens your server to crash fully.

5- External scripts

External scripts involve font loaders, ads, and a few other things that entirely affect your website’s performance.

6- Odd plugins

Try not to use expired or odd plugins because they can automatically slow down your website.

Now, you know the reasons why the performance of your WordPress website gets slow and doesn’t allow users to use it smoothly. It’s time you know some tips and tricks that can help you solve your WordPress speed optimization concerns.

Let’s crush this!

Tips and Best practices

1. Update your WordPress website timely

Updating your WordPress frequently is a good practice because each update offers new features. It keeps your website maintained by fixing bugs and improving security issues.

So timely update your WordPress plugins and themes.

Update your WordPress website timely

If you want to know some security tips for your WordPress website, we suggest you click the link below.

5 WordPress security tips to protect your website.

2. Utilize excerpts on the homepage

Excerpts are requisite for your WordPress posts. They’re short snippets from your posts that you can display on your homepage or somewhere else. The more polished the excerpt, the faster your site can load.

Moreover, excerpts improve the overall SEO of your site too. You adapt this practice to entice the reader to view your complete article.

The below-mentioned picture tells how to set it up.

Utilize excerpts on the homepage

3. Optimize your website background processes

Few scheduled tasks run in the background of your WordPress site that needs to be optimized. A few of them are as follows:

  • WordPress backup plugin tasks
  • WordPress cron jobs to analyze updates
  • WordPress cron jobs to publish scheduled posts

Excessive crawling and backup plugins are a part of background processes that can slow down your website. It is beneficial to run WordPress backup plugins during low traffic time.

4. Increase your website speed with plugins

Relying on WordPress plugins can easily save the cost of your WordPress speed optimization services because it will fix your website speed automatically.

Below are the top 2 WordPress plugins with their key features:

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best performance plugin in the market, and it takes care of everything that relates to the speed of your website. Activating this plugin will benefit you with page caching, image optimization, code minifying & combining, etc.

wp rocket

Below are its key features:

  • Cache preloading
  • Browser Caching
  • Page Caching
  • Database Optimization
  • Quick Setup
  • GZIP Compression

2. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize keeps your database clean and runs without any error. It does it in three ingenious ways:

  • Cleans and optimizes your database
  • Compresses your media
  • Cache your pages for faster loading speed

Below are its key features:

  • Comprehensive control of optimizations
  • Remove the unnecessary data
  • Automatic clean-up scheduling option
  • Insight statistics and potential savings
  • Compacts database tables

Pro Tip:

WordPress is written in PHP, so get the latest PHP version before you do any of the things recommended above. To tell you, all good hosting companies use the latest PHP versions. You can’t fix WordPress speed optimization problems if you are still stuck with the older versions.

That’s about it!

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