WordPress Stats & Major Websites Using WordPress As CMS

WordPress websites around the globe publish more than 1000 posts per minute, over 60,000 an hour and just below 1.5 million per day (These blogs are either on or hosted on a separate domain using WordPress CMS that have the Jetpack plugin installed, so it is not counting those websites for which WordPress can not collect any statistics).

Blogs in WordPress network have gained a combined average of more than 14.5 billion page-views per month which is twice to the amount of people here on Earth.

More than 74.5 Million websites depend on WordPress which is 10 million more than the population of Britain.

22% of newly registered domains in U.S. use WordPress.

With around 126M new visitors per month gets more unique visitors than Amazon (U.S.).

There are around 35,000 free plugins available to extend the functionality of WordPress websites with overall downloads exceeding 767 million.

In June 2015, there were 191,682 WordPress websites in top 1 Million websites, 16,599 WordPress websites in top 100K and 1,378 WordPress websites in top 10K of world.

WordPress is most popular in all type of domains. Among the top 1000K websites in the world, the major share of powered by WordPress are related to different businesses.

Currently 50+ translations of WordPress are available and this number is steadily growing.

It took 2 days for WordPress version 3.3 to exceed 10,00,000 downloads after its launch. WordPress CMS has been downloaded for more than 65 million times since the release of version 3 in June 2010.

The estimated value of WordPress projects in 2012 was $30 million and it is anticipated to grow up to 200% in next 2 years.

Around 25% sites of all websites run on WordPress.

22% of WordPress websites are updated regularly, whereas download number for the latest version is pretty impressive. Overall there is a large number of outdated websites running with WordPress. W3tech claims that only a little more than a third (33.9%) have upgraded to version 4.x. According to, the percentage of WordPress users running their site on the latest version is just a little higher than 11%.

Some major sites using WordPress:

  1. The New Yorker
  3. BBC America
  4. Sony Music
  5. MTV News
  6. Open.NASA
  7. ebay Inc
  8. PlayStation.Blog
  9. Harvard Gazette
  10. Best Buy
  11. Quartz
  12. Metro UK
  13. ESPN Product Blog
  14. Time Inc.
  15. Facebook Newsroom
  16. The New York Times
  17. Google Ventures
  18. The Mozilla Blog
  19. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog
  20. Cpanel
  21. TechCrunch

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