WP Security Is So Vital, There’s Now A Startup Monetizing It

We knew that WordPress (a CMS that manages approximately one-fourth of all websites online) had broad influence, but those looking to capitalize on the platform are becoming creative. As of this month, WordPress-specific startup Wordfence is bringing their service straight to the administrators who need it most.

Seattle-based and hungry, Wordfence not only has its own pre-existing security plugin (more than five million downloads strong) but is rolling out a service especially for site managers who are struggling with a large number of user passwords and/or quality credentials. The system analyzes all passwords for optimum security prior to allowing any user to follow through with an account creation.

In the words of co-founder Mark Maunder,

“Hackers today have access to a tremendous amount of processing power in the form of off-the-shelf computing hardware from vendors like Nvidia and AMD. This hardware excels at parallel data processing and reduces the time needed to crack a password by orders of magnitude. To help ensure our customers and the WordPress community are using the strongest passwords possible, we’ve created our own powerful cracking cluster with more than 40 Teraflops of processing power so users can quickly evaluate existing password strength and more effectively secure their sites.”

In other words, Wordfence is using hacker logic against them to create even stronger, uncrackable passwords.

While the startup is the first of its kind, it’s sure to be just the beginning in WordPress-specific ventures.

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