Pros and Cons of WordPress Multisite

Pros and Cons of WordPress Multisite

Multisite is one of the most misunderstood features of WordPress but it helps you manage multiple sites under one roof. It is beneficial in some scenarios but at times it can cause an overhead (such as Administrative Complexity) which is distinguishable at a later stage (when the damage has been occurred). It is really important important to know the purpose of multisite and….
Extending Redux Theme Options Panel in Avada Child Theme Version 5.0

Extending Redux Theme Options Panel in Avada Child Theme Version 5.0

Previously, how to extend redux theme options panel in Avada child theme was explained that works with Avada 4.0 and it’s serial versions. Now, Themefusion has released a new version of the Avada Theme (i.e. 5.0). From development perspective, this version is a major release as Theme options functional approach is completely changed in it. If you are using Avada….

Significance of WordPress 4.7 Web Services

Web Services is a method of communication between website and other electronic devices over a network. In web services, you make a software that receives request (s) in a specific pattern (mostly in the form of URLs) and then sends a response accordingly. Mostly, web services are used to synchronize data of two different platforms or display dynamic content on apps and so….

Using A/B Testing to Compare the Performance of Web Pages

Looking at two versions of a web page in order to check which one performs better is known as A/B testing or split testing. You have to split the test into two parts for correlation. Using A/B testing technique, you can increase the revenue of your website. It is also known as multivariate testing. You can test several elements at a time in multivariate testing. Accordingly, you can….

Setting Up Grouped Products in WooCommerce

WooCommerce provides different options to manage products. One of the best options is “Grouped Products”. Using grouped products feature, you can make linked products accessible to the users in order to avoid the hassle of browsing each product separately. In this article, you will learn how to set up grouped products in WooCommerce. You can increase the sale….

Significance of WordPress Hybrid Mobile App

Hybrid Apps for mobile are the same apps that you see on your smart phone or smart devices. These apps can be found on different app stores. You can create any type of hybrid app ranges from a simple text app to game or social media. So, what is the best thing about the mobile hybrid app? Well, the hybrid apps are built with the same web technologies like HTML, CSS….

WordPress 4.8 (Evans) – Insights about New Features

WordPress 4.8, named after the legendary jazz pianist & composer William John “Bill” Evans, has introduced a lot of new and enhanced features which lets you express yourself or represent your brand in a better way. Now you can use the features such as Link improvements, Images Widget, Audio Widget, Video Widget, Rich Text Widget, Dashboard Widget, etc. to solve your….

How to Use Shortcode API in a Custom or Core PHP Website

Shortcode API is one of the most effective features of WordPress. This feature has made WordPress the most popular and an easy to code Content Management System (CMS) worldwide. In this article, you will learn how to utilize the Shortcode API in a custom or core PHP website or you can say in any framework/CMS instead of WordPress. The first step is to get the….

Importing Signs2Trade API Categories and Products as WooCommerce Products in WordPress

Signs2Trade is platform which offers sign, printing, promotional products, and graphic design. Its production facilities now support the production of custom shaped coroplast signage to fit a variety of customer needs and special requests. It provides an API for the wholesalers to list their products. By using their API, the wholesalers can get Signs2Trade categories and….

How to Add a Quick Buy Link in WooCommerce without a Plugin

WooCommerce being the most popular eCommerce plugin lets you create, manage and maintain an e-commerce store based on WordPress. Sometimes, you might need to insert a quick link to buy a product in WooCommerce custom template. Especially, in the case of subscription products. In such cases, you can let your customers/users to bypass some extra steps of the checkout….