Round Up WordCamp US 2016

Wow! Hard to believe it’s been little over a month since WORDCAMP US’16 wrapped up in Philadelphia. Our General Manager Fahad Shakeel was among the attendees of the 3 day event, held at the Philadelphia Convention Centre. Fahad has more than a decade of experience in Software Development, Technology Transformation and Marketing. He took….
Advantages of Using the WordPress Jetpack Plug-in

Advantages of Using the WordPress Jetpack Plug-in

The Jetpack plug-in simplifies managing WordPress sites by providing visitor stats, security services and speeding up image load times, thus helping attract more traffic. What’s more? Jetpack is a free plug-in. The Benefits 1. Easy to Install Jetpack could not be easier to install and set up, especially considering the numerous benefits it provides. The Installation process is as….
How to Interact with 3rd Party Systems Using Your WP Site

How to Interact with 3rd Party Systems Using Your WP Site

It’s not uncommon to pair your website so that it can interact with third party systems like Facebook, Amazon, EventBrite, etc. The common approach for PHP based web applications is to use methods such as cURL or file_get_contents. Similarly, you could also apply these methods when integrating your WordPress site with a 3rd party system. However, when interacting with….

Using a WordPress Function to Create Custom Login Form

In WordPress, you can access the default login page by redirecting to site_url/wp-admin OR site_url/wp-login.php. Additionally, WordPress allows you to create a custom login form at the front-end (either in a widget, pop-up or sidebar, etc.) of your website. This article will help you to create a custom login form by using a wp() function. To achieve this functionality, WordPress….

Changing the WordPress Database Prefix to Increase Website Security

Your whole website depends on the WordPress Database, which is the ultimate target for hackers. During installation, website owners forget to change the default prefix “wp_”. In this article, you will learn the easiest way to protect your WP database by changing the default prefix. All you need to do is replacing the default prefix “wp_” with a unique prefix, for….

Dynamically Setting Display Type for Categories in WooCommerce

WooCommerce provides three types of display for content on category’s detail page such as Products, Subcategories, Both. By default, one of these three types is already selected. To change it, you can set another option from WooCommerce settings under Products tab. Additionally, you can set different options for each category. In this article, you will learn to set….

How to Reset WordPress Database

In the process of development or quality assurance one have to install some plug-ins, play with themes and dummy data. To make a fresh copy of WordPress website every time for testing a functionality of theme or plug-in, it takes time and effort. To reset the WordPress database to its default settings, isn’t it cool to have a “Reset” button on screen to wipe out….

Using WordPress Archive Widget to Display Customized Archives

In WordPress you can easily display archives, on a monthly or yearly basis, as a single link using the default archive widget. However to get a customized display, you need to rewrite the code. In this article, we will explain how to display lists of archives on a monthly basis under a yearly heading. You need to add the following PHP code which outputs the archive HTML….

How to Save and Show Last Login Date and Time of Users in WordPress

At times, you may need the functionality of showing last login date and time of users on WordPress Dashboard. As WordPress provide functions to get and set last login date and time, so you can easily save user’s last login date and time. To achieve this functionality, you can use few lines of code in your Theme’s functions.php file. Additionally, you can display current….

Extending Redux Theme Options Panel in Avada Child Theme

Redux is the best option for Theme Options Panel in the market. This framework is widely used by almost all themes for their theme options panel. In this article, you will learn to extend theme options panel for Avada Child Theme. Extending the theme options panel means that you want to add new options in your theme. By using the redux hook, you can extend this….