Creating a Child Theme in Avada

Creating a Child Theme in Avada

In WordPress, you can create Child Theme of any parent theme that is installed in your WordPress website. A Child Theme can extend the functionality of a Parent Theme. You can utilize a Child Theme to customize the layout or design of your website without changing the parent theme. In this article, you will learn how to create a child theme in Avada as it is one of the highest….
Creating BuddyPress Supported Theme and Modifying Templates

Creating BuddyPress Supported Theme and Modifying Templates

BuddyPress – a free social network WP plugin made it possible for you to use social networking features in a WordPress site. In this article, you will learn how to create BuddyPress supported Theme and modify the default BuddyPress templates. Before creating a BuddyPress Theme, you must know how to create a WordPress theme. The default hierarchy of BuddyPress template….

Adding a Fixed Handling Fee to a WooCommerce Order

WooCommerce being the most popular free e-commerce plugin allows you to customize your platform easily. Using WooCommerce extensive hooks and filters, you will be able to change this plugin’s default settings without changing its core files. Sometimes you may want to charge your customer with an additional order processing fee, but this option isn’t available in WooCommerce….

How to Create a Custom Dashboard Widget in WordPress

WordPress provides a Widgets feature in order to create multiple dashboard widgets or you can say to enhance your Dashboard in minutes. Using WP Dashboard Widgets API, you can add new widgets to the administration panel. To add a custom Dashboard Widget, use the code in your functions.php file or custom add-on. Using wp_dashboard_setup hook, you can create….

Using WordPress Filter to Add Custom Fields in User Profile

By default, in the WordPress user Profile section, under Contact information, there aren’t any extensive fields. However, you can add extra profile fields like links to different social media profiles and still include all the default fields (for example Email and Website) from the back-end. This can be done simply using the WordPress filter: user_contactmethods. You can bind….

How to Remove Unnecessary Menu Items from WordPress Dashboard

Sometimes, you might want to cleanup unnecessary items from the admin panel (WordPress Dashboard) willingly. Reason being that a lot of things exist in the WordPress admin area which users don’t need/want to see or use. Following is a list of WP Menu items: Dashboard Posts Media Links Pages Appearance Plugins Tools Users Settings In this article, you will learn how….

Detect Browser Using Hook Function

Sometimes, you might need to serve a specific content on certain Web browsers. There are many ways to fulfill this purpose but within WordPress, you can use WordPress built-in global variables. Many people don’t know that WordPress provides several global variables that can be used to detect browsers. Below is a list of these global global variables: $is_lynx (for….

Insights about WordPress 4.7 REST API Endpoints

The WordPress REST API feature plugin has been merged in the latest version WP 4.7 “Vaughan”. The latest version provides endpoints for WordPress content types. By using endpoints you can access WordPress website externally in proper format and create new, innovative, apps by accessing your website content. It also includes complete and functional API….

WordPress 4.7 (Vaughan) – Insights about New Features

WordPress 4.7, named after legendary vocalist Sarah “Vaughan”, has many enhanced features especially when it comes to ease of use and user friendliness. Now, the site admin can see most of the changes on the fly. WordPress 4.7 also launched the Twenty Seventeen theme, which is business oriented, and suitable for both small and large businesses. It has many….

Round Up WordCamp US 2016

Wow! Hard to believe it’s been little over a month since WORDCAMP US’16 wrapped up in Philadelphia. Our General Manager Fahad Shakeel was among the attendees of the 3 day event, held at the Philadelphia Convention Centre. Fahad has more than a decade of experience in Software Development, Technology Transformation and Marketing. He took….