Who Are the PressTigers?

The Tigers Before PressTigersPressTigers began as a loose collection of developers nested within the greater throes of the custom software company, vteams. As needs grew we added more WP focused developers along with designers, UI/UX experts and ecommerce specialists.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None…As time went on, we came to learn the old adage, “jack of all trades, master of none”. Being nested as an offering within vteams simply allowed us to offer WordPress services. Branching out as an independent vertical allowed us to delve deeper into the realm of WP expertise.

What started as a handful of developers interested in WordPress in early 2015 has grown to a robust team of WP all stars. The team is responsible for designing, developing and truly crafting WP masterpieces.

The PressTigers team is a collection of fierce individuals wholly committed to mastering every aspect of WordPress development, both internally from developing products and themes for the WordPress Marketplace as well as externally using keen observation and really listening to translate our clients’ visions and goals into functioning realities.

PressTigers brings together a team of passionate developer, designers, account managers, and business ops team member all committed to making WordPress masterpieces.

Meet the Tigers

Check out the team that makes the PressTigers magic happen. Our Business Office team is headquartered out of New England with Account Representatives in both Texas and Southern California to best serve your needs and are only ever a phone call away. PressTigers wouldn’t be the WP machine it is without the killer team of developers in Pakistan.

Business Office Team

Maureen Cahill

Operations Manager Meet Maureen Cahill

Fahad Shakeel

GM Marketing Meet Fahad Shakeel

Saadat Ali

General Manager Meet Saadat Ali

Zubair Ahmad

Customer Servicing Team Meet Zubair Ahmad
Dev. Management Team

Umer Farooq

Deputy General Manager Meet Umer Farooq

Hassan Iqbal

Development Manager Meet Hassan Iqbal

Majid Ali

Development Manager Meet Majid Ali

Mohammad Talha

Project Manager Meet Mohammad Talha

Sehrish Iftikhar

Product Manager Meet Sehrish Iftikhar

Sajjad Haider

Design Team Lead Meet Sajjad Haider
Developers ON-BOARD

Ajaz Ali

Senior Software Engineer Meet Ajaz

Usman Iqbal

Senior Software Engineer Meet Usman

Adil Ali

Senior Software Engineer Meet Adil

Adnan Moqsood

Senior Software Engineer Meet Adnan

Sameer Sattar

Senior Software Engineer Meet Sameer

Shehroz Muhammad

Senior Software Engineer Meet Shehroz

Irfan Ahmed

Software Engineer Meet Irfan

Tassawer Hussain

Software Engineer Meet Tassawer

Awais Altaf

Software Engineer Meet Awais

Waleed Tariq

Software Engineer Meet Waleed

Irfan Manzoor

Software Engineer Meet Irfan

Muhammad Bilal Zahid

Software Engineer Meet Muhammad

Awais Khan

Software Engineer Meet Awais

Nabeel Farooq

Software Engineer Meet Nabeel

Tajjamul Zaman

Software Engineer Meet Tajjamul

Affaq Hussain

Software Engineer Meet Affaq

Noman Abid

Software Engineer Meet Noman

Saqib Naeem

Software Engineer Meet Saqib

Hassaan Ahmad

Software Engineer Meet Hassaan

Nauman Javed

Software Engineer Meet Nauman

Ali Raza

Software Engineer Meet Ali

Hamza Nawaz

Software Engineer Meet Hamza

Noor Ullah

Software Engineer Meet Noor

Umer Farooq

Software Engineer Meet Umer

Amir Ali

Software Engineer Meet Amir

Ashir Muhammad

Software Engineer Meet Ashir

Usman Abbas

Software Engineer Meet Usman

Usama Junaid

Software Engineer Meet Usama

Ali Hamza

Software Engineer Meet Ali

Mohsin Ali

Software Engineer Meet Mohsin

Junaid Raza

Senior UI Engineer Meet Junaid

Sajid Altaf

UI Designer Meet Sajid

Sobia Yaseen

UI Engineer Meet Sobia

Samrah Akram

SQA Engineer Meet Samrah

Atta Sajid

SQA Engineer Meet Atta

Ammar Maqsood

Business Architect Meet Ammar
The Tigers Behind the Scenes

Salman Hashmi

Recruitment Manager Meet Salman Hashmi

Sofia Niaz

Marketing Manager Meet Sofia Niaz

Umair Qureshi

Operations Manager Meet Umair Qureshi

Anam Waseem

Content Writer Meet Anam Waseem

Ali Gohar Khan

Content Writer Meet Ali Gohar Khan

Hamza Ali

Content Writer Meet Hamza Ali

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While WordPress is our strong suit, doesn’t mean we don’t still collaborate with our the company that got us here and it’s associated verticals. Check out our now partner companies:

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