How a Dedicated Team Works

At PressTigers, we have an excellent team of highly skilled dedicated developers from which we select according to your specific project and development needs. Once they are secured by you, they work solely for​ your project 5 days a week (approx 160 hours a month). During the course of your project, there is frequent, consistent communication between you and your developer. All of our dedicated teams are overseen by our development managers to ensure your complete satisfaction during the course of your project.
  • Step1:After your initial request, our client service specialist will contact you for a technical call. This is a great opportunity our development manager to gain a clear technical understanding of your project as well answer any questions you may have.
  • Step2:Based on your project and requirements, our highly skilled development managers will select a specific developer for your review.
  • Step3:Our Client Service Specialist will provide you with the resume of the dedicated developer that has been selected for your project. This is a great opportunity to review their skill set and past work experience.
  • Step4:Once you approve the selected developer, we will provide you with your first invoice and our Service Agreement.
  • Step5:Prior to the start of your team, a Kick-Off Call will be scheduled to ensure the project is started in the right direction.
  • Step6:Your team begins!!

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How Fixed Bid Work

Our Fix Bid Projects are systematic and integrated in nature. In Fix Bid Projects, we take the requirements from the clients for their projects and our Development Managers finalize all the procedures to be adopted which cannot be changed once finalized. From Project Cost to working hours, everything is first clearly defined and then the work starts. Analyzes all the important aspects and goes through the process to finalize all the expertise and skills needed to complete the tasks in the project. Cost of the Fix Bid Project is determined on the basis of the Resources needed and the hours to be invested. It is then communicated to the client for their approval. On client’s approval the project gets going with the definitive terms and conditions. Once the project starts on a fixed set of requirements, with definitive terms, it is not possible to then change any aspect of the project. No amendments can be made to it as the nature of the project is fixed. You get a fixed cost for specific number of resources working for explicit hours. In this way the exact requirements of the client’s project are met and the process remains highly uniform and schematic.
  • Step1: Our Client Services Coordinator Mia will analyze your requirements, and take you through the process of finalizing the skills needed for your project.
  • Step2: The Senior Development Manager (DM) finalizes the working hours, resources and total cost.
  • Step3: Development starts, and the DM keeps you up to date with the implementation of all tasks.
  • Step4: Any change in requirements after start of development is taken through Steps 1 to 3 to keep the process uniform and schematic.

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How Maintenance Plan Work

Our dedicated team works as part of a homogeneous process to maximize its productivity. Our clients’ projects are looked after by a competent team that actively monitors the progress from start to end. When you initiate the request for any of our dedicated services, you will be able to talk to our Client Services Coordinator Mia Mian, who will guide you through the process. Once, all the project requirements are carefully discussed and understood, we’ll assign our best engineers for the job to your project. The allocation of the Engineers is based on the correspondence of their expertise with the specifications of the project. We choose the right men for the right job to maximize the performance.
  • Step1: Fill in form
  • Step2: Our Business Development Manager, will contact you to discuss price and time estimate
  • Step3: Our Business Development Manager, will contact you to discuss price and time estimate.

WordPress Maintenance Packages

  Basic $150.00 /Month Silver $250.00 /Month Platinum $500.00 /Month
WordPress Core Software UpgradeMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
Upgrade WordPress PluginsMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
Offsite BackupsNoNoMonthly
Onsite BackupsMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
Broken Links ScanMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
Commenting SPAM CleanerMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
Website Security Monitoring /Malware MonitoringMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
Database OptimizationMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
Site Performance ReportsNoMonthlyWeekly
Website Customization4 Hours Free8 Hours Free20 Hours Free
Emergency SupportEmail OnlyEmail OnlyEmail/On Call
Support Response Time (Week days only)< 24 Hours< 12 Hours< 3 Hours
Weekend SupportNoNoSat / Sun
BuddyPress & Its AddonsNoNoYes
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