5 Unusual Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A WordPress Developer

When hiring a WordPress developer, traditional questions involve inquiring after his experience, number of projects completed and general breadth of testimonials. While these are valuable factors to be aware of, it’s also important to delve a little deeper.

Here are five unusual questions the WPQuantum team recommends you ask any developer prior to making a commitment.

1. How easy will it be for me to run my site after you’re done with it?

WordPress is renowned for its ease of use, but convoluted developing or poor site organization can render any site impossible to navigate. In order for you to run the site to its utmost abilities, it needs to be easy; functions need to be simple, fast and efficient.

Ensuring that this necessity is in the back of the developer’s mind from the get-go is a great way to safeguard yourself against ending up with a site you won’t want to manage.

2. What steps are you taking to make sure my site converts?

You need to be able to rely on your own marketing tactics and team to drive conversions, but there are steps your developers can take to make creating these conversions easier on that team.

Make sure that your developer not only understands tech but understands business; though you are his client, he truly has two groups to please: your company, and your audience.

3. How will you protect my site from even the most apt of hackers?

A good, quality code, custom or well-developed theme, typical security plugins and a frequently updated website are typically all any developer needs to put in place in order to provide your site the security it needs.

If one of these is missing on your check list, you may want to consider solidifying their placement.

4. What analytics program do you recommend, and how soon can it be set up?

You very likely are already aware that Google Analytics will be your best friend, but your developer should be on the same page; if they haven’t asked you how you’ll be tracking metrics, you might contemplate why.

5. Will you help me if I need it down the line?

Continued support is neither mandatory nor expected (for free) but a bit of commitment to ensure the consistent functioning of whatever a developer is creating for you isn’t too much to ask.

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